Jackson Woolley

Rhythm Guitar / Keyboard


Jackson plays the rhythm and lead guitar, as well as the keyboards in the up and coming rock band De Novo. As a huge fan of all music, Jackson can appreciate the passion and soul needed to put together good music, and he does his best to provide that in every song he plays. Jackson has been playing, recording, and performing music since his early high school years. He has released solo projects that are available for streaming on all of your favorite platforms. Music will always be an important part of, and top priority in Jackson’s life. Jackson plays a Roland keyboard, Gibson and Fender guitars, and uses Marshall amps exclusively.

Professional Life:

Jackson is currently going to school full time at Salt Lake Community College for psychology. He works as office manager for Cowdell & Woolley Law firm, owned by fellow band mates Chad Woolley and Tracy Cowdell.

And the live show is still our main thing.

Jerry Garcia

Grateful Dead